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About Us - Trailers Sales Service Parts and Repairs

Welcome to The Trailer Shop, your trusted partner in top-quality trailers since 1991.

Located on the North Shore, just off the the Tristram Motorway off ramp at Unit 5, 95 Ellice Rd, Glenfield, we are your go-to trailer company for anyone looking for a diverse range of trailers and more.

Our reputation is solid, built on decades of delivering superior workmanship. Whether you need a boat trailer, box trailer or something custom-built, we have it all. We also sell a wide array of quality parts and accessories.

Competitive pricing paired with a 10-year guarantee underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each trailer is a testament to our craftsmanship, designed to meet the unique demands of the New Zealand terrain.

Our trailers aren’t just built to last; they are built to impress, to perform, and to empower your ventures, be it on the water, on the road, or off the beaten path. Come experience the blend of quality, variety, and affordability at The Trailer Shop.

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